Quicken, Quickbooks, Mint.com and eMoney Instructions

In order to use products like Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint.com and eMoney with First Republic's digital banking, please follow the instructions below. 

We understand that there are many versions of Quicken and QuickBooks, so we have included some helpful guides for a wide range of versions and operating systems.

  1. To select the right guide for you, first identify which product you use by navigating to Help>About Quicken or Help>About QuickBooks.
  2. Then, identify which operating system you use, selecting between Windows and Mac.
  3. Finally, identify how how to connect to First Republic. 
  • If you sign in to Banking Online and download a .qbo or a .qfx file for import to your Intuit product, select the applicable Web Connect Guide.
  • If you use the one-step update option, select the applicable Express Web Connect Guide for your Quicken version. 
  • If you use the Direct Connect automatic connection through Quicken or QuickBooks, please choose the corresponding guide below.



Quicken for Mac - Web Connect (PDF)

Quicken for Mac - Express Web Connect (PDF)

Quicken for Mac - Direct Connect (PDF) 

Quicken for Mac 2007 - Web Connect (PDF)

Quicken for Mac 2007 - Direct Connect (PDF)


Quicken for Windows - Web Connect (PDF)

Quicken for Windows - Express Web Connect (PDF)

Quicken for Windows - Direct Connect (PDF)



QuickBooks for Mac - Web Connect (PDF)

QuickBooks for Mac - Direct Connect (PDF)


QuickBooks for Windows - Web Connect (PDF)

QuickBooks for Windows - Direct Connect (PDF)

Online Edition:

QuickBooks - Online Edition (PDF)


Instructions for Mint.com users (PDF)


Instructions for eMoney users (PDF)