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    • Pay Down My Student Loan Debt

      You passed the bar exam and landed a job. Now it’s time to tackle your student loans. The Eagle Gold All-in-One Loan1 is a means of refinancing outstanding student loan debt and can dramatically reduce monthly payments.

    • Travel the World

      With a First Republic ATM Rebate Checking account and ATM/Debit Card, you have access to your funds no matter where your travels take you. Best of all, you enjoy no ATM access fees at virtually all ATMs worldwide (we even rebate access fees charged by other banks).

    • Become a Partner at My Firm

      First Republic’s Professional Loan Program2 is designed to enable newly named partners to make their required capital contributions. An Eagle Gold2 personal line of credit is an alternate option for small firms with a simple buy-in. The loan is an effective tool for maintaining cash flow during tax planning seasons or times of transition.

    • Buy My First Home

      For when your next step includes buying your first home, there’s First Republic’s competitively priced home loans2. Our Relationship Managers will determine what works best for you and will take you through the process, step by step.

    • Find a Solution for My Practice

      With a small business loan, you’ll have the support you need to grow your practice. Eagle One for Business2 is a flexible solution that allows you to choose between a line of credit or term loan to fit your company’s individual needs.

    • Start Investing

      No matter what your investment needs are, First Republic offers clear solutions with critical evaluations from experienced investment professionals who will set you on the path to meeting your wealth management or retirement goals.

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    What Makes First Republic Different

    • Single Point of Contact

      We offer clients a single point of contact who can coordinate all relationships within the Bank.

    • “Advise, Not Push” Culture

      Our goal is to understand client needs and to present products and solutions that meet those needs. Clients come first, not products.

    • Extraordinary Service as a Fundamental Practice

      Extraordinary service is fundamental to the company and a principal factor behind our success.

    • Safety and Privacy at the Forefront

      We operate responsibly, underwriting loans conservatively and safeguarding data vigilantly.

    • Leadership Continuity

      The strength and consistency of our leadership team has been a key factor in the continued growth and success of the Bank. This team remains client- and service-focused.

    • Entrepreneurial Environment

      Our entrepreneurial environment means that decisions are made quickly, solutions are customized to individual needs, and complex financial issues are met with creative thinking and action.

    • Client-Focused, Open Architecture Business Model

      We have an allegiance to you and respect the team you have assembled to support your needs. We work within an “open architecture” format, ensuring seamless communication among you, your outside advisors and your First Republic team.

    Data as of June 30, 2020
    $ in Billions
    • Total BANK assets
    • BANKs by asset size in u.s.*
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    • Preferred Banking Offices
    • Total wealth management Assets
    • continuous profitability
      35 Years

    For more information on the data provided, please refer to the Bank's Investor Presentation filed July 14, 2020.
    *Source: SNL. Based on total asset size as of June 30, 2020. Excludes asset managers (Ameriprise) and specialty lenders (American Express, Ally, Discover, Synchrony).

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1. This is not a student loan. The terms of this product may differ from terms of your current loan. For example, this product does not contain special features such as forbearance periods and income-based repayment plans available for student loans. Applicants should discuss loan terms and conditions with their banker and contact their legal and financial advisors for advice on deciding whether this is the right product for them.

2. In order to qualify for the fixed rates listed above, applicants must open a First Republic ATM Rebate Checking account with automatic loan payment and direct deposit. Minimum $500 to open an ATM Rebate Checking account. A monthly fee will apply if a minimum monthly average balance of $3,500 is not maintained. Monthly fee waived for first three months; monthly fee is currently $25. Ask your banker for details. For fixed rate loans, if at any time during the life of the loan the borrower does not maintain automatic loan payment or direct deposit, the rates will be listed as above plus 5.00%.

3. Annual Percentage Rate. Rates effective as of January 15, 2018 and are subject to change.
4. All loans subject to the Bank's underwriting standards. Terms and conditions may apply.

Eagle Gold All-in-One applicants must be located within close proximity to our offices which are primarily in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, San Diego, Portland (Oregon), Boston, Palm Beach (Florida), Greenwich or New York City. Not all loans or products are available in all states. For a complete list of locations, visit our locations page or contact a First Republic banker.

This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. All loans are subject to the Bank's underwriting standards. Additional information may be required for verification of documents provided. In Florida, applicant shall be responsible for any documentary tax due pursuant to state law. Applicants must meet a First Republic banker in person to complete account and loan application paperwork. This can be done at any First Republic preferred banking office.