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Propel your business forward.

At First Republic, we know startups have unique needs. See how we can help accelerate your success with the offers and solutions below.

Innovators’ Toolkit

We understand your time and resources are at a premium. That's why we've curated this suite of mission-critical services to help your business grow.1

Amazon Web Services logo

Amazon Web Services Credits

Up to $100,000 in AWS Activate Cloud credits, AWS Business Support credits, and access to the Activate Console. Read more

Amazon Web Services

Enjoy access to a host of free benefits, including AWS Cloud credits, AWS Business Support credits, exclusive members-only offers, and access to the Activate Console to help build and grow your business.

The following AWS Activate benefits are available to FirstRepublic clients that meet the eligibility criteria:

  • $25,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years or $100,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 1 year
  • 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $10,000).

Brex Corporate Cards & Expense Management Software

No-fee account and $750 worth of credits. Read more

Brex Corporate Cards & Expense Management Software

Brex is a leading provider of corporate credit card and expense management software for tech startups. First Republic clients receive 75,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 on their Brex card. The bonus points can be redeemed multiple ways, including cash back ($750).
Cap Table Management

Cap Table Management

Discounts on cap table management services. Read more


Astrella can assist you in managing the equity in your company by providing you with a first-class equity management platform for your cap table and the equity awards for your employees.

Our easy-to-use software allows you to set up your cap table in a matter of a minutes quick setup to get you on the fast track to effective cap table management. Enter your ownership information to access outstanding cap table management tools and support.

Our cap table solution handles everything from detailed waterfall payouts and 409a valuation to rigorous vesting schedules and funding rounds. Are you looking for something specific? We are always available for questions to help manage your stock units effectively and within compliance standards.

The offer:

  • The first 20 stakeholders are free, and you will also receive a 20% discount for the first year.

To qualify

  • The first 20 stakeholders are free, and you will also receive a 20% discount for the first year.


Cap Table By Figure

Figure Equity Solutions helps the founder community navigate managing their Cap Table and raising capital all on a single platform. Figure Equity Solutions is a one-stop digital equity management solution for private companies and startups to manage, raise and trade equity. Take advantage of this unique Digital Cap Table which can provide:

  • Feature-parity with best-in-class providers at a fraction of the cost.
  • Industry-best standard features including: Next round scenario modeling, audit-ready 409a valuation, digital securities issuance & 83(B) elections.
  • Integrated Primary Raise Solution (Dataroom, e-Offering Docs for Reg D offerings) and Secondary platform that offers liquidity to founders, investors and employees.
  • 3-Day White glove onboarding to make the transition from existing tracking methods or services frictionless.

The offer:

  • Take advantage of their Digital Cap Table Solution which includes an exclusive discount to the First Republic community. Our community will get 50% off your first-year annual subscription*. First Republic companies with 10 stakeholders or less will get a fully complimentary first-year annual subscription (409A not included). by LTSE is cap table management software used by over 32,000 companies and 900 YC startups to keep accurate records, plan financing rounds, and save time and money. It replaces spreadsheets and email for cap table setup, security issuance, and sharing with stakeholders.’s financing round modeling features are especially useful for understanding dilution during your raise.

The offer:

  • 30% off cap table management plans



Pulley offers the cap table services for growing startups. Managing a cap table is one of the most important tasks for companies to get right, but can also be one of the most confusing. With Pulley, you can manage your investments and employee equity plans as your startup grows.

The offer:

First Republic Bank customers receive a 25% discount on their first year of Pulley.

Pulley partners with Aranca to provide one 409A valuation as well as the first year of Pulley’s cap table management all for an annual fee of $3,000.

Rocket Recruiting Logo

Rocket Recruiting

Discounts on AI-enhanced recruiting services tailored for growing startups. Read more

Rocket Recruiting

Rocket’s philosophy is that the best way to hire hard-to-get talent is to identify and proactively reach out to candidates. The company’s AI technology paired with experienced recruiters has helped customers like Nerdwallet and StubHub make great hires. Rocket works across a range of disciplines, including software engineering, product management, marketing, sales, design, accounting, finance and G&A. First Republic clients receive a $2,500 discount on Rocket’s contingency recruiting plans. Available to new customers only.


Benefit from discounts from insurance providers. Read more


Embroker provides the easiest way for founders to purchase insurance after raising an institutional round. Designed for startups and backed by one of the world’s leading reinsurers, Munich Re, to help you protect yourself, your executive teams and your company.

The offer:

  • 10% off for First Republic Bank clients who are new to Embroker (can be combined with investor credits for up to 25% in total premium credits)
  • Complimentary consultation
  • White-glove services



Vouch is business insurance engineered for technology startups.

  • 100% digital application process. See coverages and pricing in minutes. 
  • Tailor coverage and activate protection within 24 hours.
  • Licensed Insurance Advisors offer expert guidance via Zoom, chat, phone and email.
  • Trusted by Silicon Valley’s top investors, incubators, banks and law firms.

Vouch offers 10 proprietary coverages, including General Liability, Directors & Officers, Errors & Omissions, Cyber, Employment Practices Liability, and more.

The offer:

First Republic clients who are new customers of Vouch save 5% on coverage.

409A Valuation

A $1,600 credit toward a 409A valuation from our preferred vendors. Read more

409A valuation

First Republic provides a one-time $1,600 credit toward a 409A valuation from a preferred vendor.

To qualify for a one-time $1,600 credit toward a 409A valuation, you must complete the following activities:

  • a) Have an existing or open a new Business Analyzed Checking account. $5,000 minimum opening deposit. Monthly service fee applies (currently $30). Non-interest-bearing account.
  • b) Obtain a 409A valuation at one of First Republic’s preferred vendors. Contact your First Republic banker for a list of our preferred vendors.
  • c) Email your paid invoice to your banker.
  • d) Reach a minimum end of day account balance of $500,000 for at least one business day within 30 calendar days of submitting your invoice.

First Republic will credit your Business Analyzed Checking account for $1,600 within 5 business days following completion of the qualifying activities. If this Account is closed before the credit is posted, the credit will be forfeited. Amount credited will be reported in the year credited as miscellaneous income for tax purposes.

Offer is subject to change without notice. Clients who have previously enrolled in a 409A valuation bonus offer are not eligible to participate. First Republic employees are not eligible to participate.



Two months of complimentary bookkeeping. Read more


  • Two months of complimentary bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping services are provided by one of First Republic Bank’s preferred partners.

Co-working Space

Discounted premium co-working hot desking and private office spaces. Read more

Co-working Space


Werqwise — Downtown San Francisco

  • 60-day free Spot+ or Roam+ membership, companies that want to take up a Private Office space do so for free for 30 days.
  • FRB clients will receive 50% off the rates to all our memberships


Nomad works logo

Nomadworks — New York City

  • One-month complimentary membership with a six-month commitment for all shared space and private offices
  • One free day trial with one hour of conference room credit


Canopy Jackson Square

Canopy — San Francisco: Jackson Square, FiDi and Pacific Heights

  • One-month complimentary membership with a six-month commitment for all shared space and private offices
  • One free trial day with one hour of conference room credit


TravelBank Expenses & Travel

15% off the first year’s subscription. Read more

TravelBank Expenses and Travel

TravelBank is an all-in-one expense and travel management software that includes card management, 24/7 live travel support and built-in reporting. TravelBank’s intuitive platform is easy to use and only takes minutes to set up, at half the cost of similar solutions. Bookings made with TravelBank and paid with a Brex card exclusively earns up to 5x back in Brex points on all eligible travel spend.

Exclusive to the Innovators’ Toolkit, get 15% off the first year of your TravelBank subscription. Applies to Expense, Travel, and Premium All-In-One packages for any new customer who signs an annual contract 


20% off Zoom services list prices and 10% off Zoom Phone list prices. Read more


  • Zoom is offering a discount of 20% off list prices as published at for all services that Zoom provides that are at least one year in duration (excluding API/SDKs, hardware-as-a-service, paid support, education pricing and premium audio), and 10% off Zoom Phone list prices.
  • For all existing Zoom customers, the discount will be provided to only net new Licenses added to the account. A “net new License” means those new and additional licenses currently not provisioned within an existing Zoom subscription account.  New Zoom users are eligible for the discounts on all new licenses.
  • Customers must receive a special quote with an appropriate discount. If Customer purchases online without receiving a quote from Zoom, the discount will not apply.
Google Cloud logo

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud credits for first-year usage up to $100,000 and more. Read more

Google Cloud Platform

The Google for Startups Cloud Program provides startups funded by a venture capital firm, accelerator, incubator, seed or angel investor with cloud credits to cover your first year of Google Cloud and Firebase usage up to $100,000 and 20% of your 2nd year of Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered, up to an additional $100,000. You’ll also get a Startup Success Manager, training, business & tech support, co-marketing, and Google-wide discounts. To apply, please ensure your startup meets the application criteria below:

  • Funded with publicly verifiable equity investment - up to and including Pre-Seed, Angel, Seed, and Series A (if Series A, raised within the last 12 months).
  • Founded within 10 years of applying to the program.
  • Have a publicly available company website and a unique company email domain. Need to create a custom email account?
  • A valid Google Cloud Billing Account ID (e.g. 18-digit alphanumeric hex string like ABC123-DEF456-GHI789) linked to the domain and company email on your application.

You are not:

  • Already enrolled in the Google For Startups Cloud Program or have received in excess of $4k Google Cloud credits.
  • A company who has IPOd or been acquired.
  • An educational institution, government entity, nonprofit, personal blog, dev shop, consultancy, or agency.
  • A cryptocurrency mining company, or a company distributing tokens contrary to regulatory guidance in your jurisdiction. For example, companies issuing tokens solely for speculative purposes will not be considered.

In all cases:

Acceptance into this program is at the discretion of Google Cloud. Startups ineligible for the program will still be eligible for $300 USD Google Cloud credits via the Google Cloud free trial.

Productivity Platform

We want to help you reach your next milestone fast. These discounted products and services can help you do just that.1


Cognition IP Logo

Cognition IP

Cognition IP is a tech-enabled law firm that works to help startups obtain patents and trademarks. Read more

Cognition IP

Cognition IP  is a tech-enabled law firm which works to help startups obtain patents and trademarks.

Companies banking with First Republic receive 10% off for the first 3 months of starting as a client of Cognition IP. Priority access to IP lawyers will also be provided.


Cultivated Advisors

Cultivate Advisors

Grow your early-stage business. Receive $200 off our 3X Bootcamp. Read more

Cultivate Advisors
Build a Roadmap to Facilitate Your Business Growth We partner with passionate small business owners to achieve financially rewarding businesses that grow and thrive. By combining key components of business growth consulting and business coaching, we help you develop as an owner and work with you each month to bring incremental change and sustainable growth to your business.


$200 Off 3X Your Business Bootcamp
Are you ready to 3X your business? 3X Bootcamp is a six-week experience with a cohort of fellow entrepreneurs designed to help small businesses drive revenue and profit. 3X helps entrepreneurs focus on three of the most important aspects at this stage: 1.) understanding the financials, 2.) bringing in leads and 3.) closing deals

1:1 Complimentary Scalability Workshop
Spend two hours working 1:1 with an expert business advisor to help you grow and get better in your business. This free session is available to those who meet the eligibility criteria. During our time together we will assess your business, uncover bottlenecks to growth, and co-create a five year growth roadmap designed to get you and your business to the next level.

$500 Off Enterprise Value Assessment
Quantify the enterprise value of your business and benchmark against industry comparables. Our Business Value and Gap Assessment will help you see your potential value, know your potential risks, and lay out a strategic roadmap to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table at the time of exit.

DocSend Logo


The secure document-sharing platform for fundraising pitch decks, board management materials, investor updates and more. Get up to 90% off our annual plans. Read more


DocSend enables companies to share business-critical documents with ease and get real-time actionable feedback. With DocSend's security and control, startup founders, investors, executives and business development professionals can build business partnerships that have a lasting impact. Over 11,000 customers of all sizes use DocSend today. Learn more at

How to qualify for this promotion:

  • Get 90% off our annual Standard or Advanced Plan if you are a new DocSend customer and have less than $2 million in total funding, or
  • Get 50% off our annual Standard or Advanced Plan if you are a new DocSend customer and have more than $2 million in total funding up to Series A.
FlexTeam logo


FlexTeam is an on-demand business consulting company with 200+ MIT alumni. Read more


Receive 20% off your first project — financial model, market/competitive research or deck review.
Founder Shield Logo

Founder Shield

50% off administrative fees on business insurance and free risk reviews for startups. Read more

Founder Shield

Founder Shield will be able to provide a real-time breakdown of your current risks and future insurance needs in addition to benchmarking data to provide a roadmap on how to manage risk as your company scales. You’ll be provided with point-blank advice on what you need and what you don’t. Insurance can often be lower on the priority list as your company is getting off the ground. Knowing the lay of the land can put you in a better position to scale, particularly if you’re considering raising funds.

First Republic clients receive a discount on any administrative fees by 50%, which on average provides savings of $250.

HubSpot logo


HubSpot is a full suite of software for marketing, sales and customer service to help startups grow and scale better. Read more


Grow your business with HubSpot!

HubSpot's Growth Platform is a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core at a startup-friendly price, to help you grow and scale better.

The software grows as you do, so you have access to in-person product training, too.

All of this is up to 90% off. Plus, get access to content, masterclasses, and 24/7 support to get your startup growing.

Please note that the discount just applies to new products or upgrades for professional and enterprise products.

Twilio logo


25% off first year for Nightfall data loss prevention platform. Read more


Nightfall is a cloud-native data loss prevention (DLP) platform that helps you discover, classify and protect sensitive data, like PII and PHI, across cloud apps and data infrastructure like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive and Atlassian, in addition to other applications on or off the cloud via the Nightfall developer platform.

With Nightfall, startups can easily address data security risks, meet compliance obligations (e.g., HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA) and close more deals with an enterprise-grade security posture out of the box.

The offer:

Companies banking with First Republic and new to Nightfall can get 25% off their first year.

OpenPhone logo


20% off any plan for 6 months. Read more


OpenPhone is the phone for startups. Made by fellow founders and recent Y Combinator graduates, OpenPhone is already used by 5,000 startups across North America.

First Republic clients get 20% off any plan for 6 months.

What‘s included: Local US, Canadian or 1-800 number you can use everywhere you go. Unlimited talk and text. All professional features to grow your company. A solution that grows with your team.


Twilio logo

PocketCFO™ Cash Flow Tool

50% off for the first 6 months on an all-in-one financial insights platform for business. Read more

PocketCFO™ Cash Flow Tool

Replace your outdated spreadsheets and automate your cash flow forecasts with PocketCFO. PocketCFO is a data-driven financial insights platform that helps business owners and startup founders make informed business decisions.

Integrate with your existing financial stack for real-time financial visibility. Know your burn rate, how much money you’re owed, and how much cash you have in the bank at the tip of your fingers. Hate spending hours manually updating expenses in spreadsheets? PocketCFO automatically categorizes your expenses and analyzes your spending trends to provide actionable financial tips. Spend less time doing tedious financial tasks and more time growing your business.

The offer:

50% off for the first six months of service, after a 14-day free trial

Pry by Brex

30% off annual plans for Pry: build financial plans, models & runway forecasts fast. Read More

Pry by Brex

Pry by Brex

Pry is a platform that makes it easy for founders/executives to manage budgets, hiring plans, financial models and runway. With Pry, you can track and categorize revenue and costs, build a financial plan to hit your next fundraising milestone, add metrics to investor updates, and make informed decisions around hiring.

The offer:

Companies banking with First Republic Bank and new to Pry, get 30% off annual plans

Sketchdeck Logo


SketchDeck solves everyday design for businesses, combining a talented team with a powerful platform. Read more


First Republic clients get 5 hours off the first project (worth $500).
Swag Up logo


5% off all orders from the swag platform built for the modern workplace. Read more


Enjoy the swag platform built for the modern workplace. Create, automate and distribute swag! SwagUp takes the hard work out of sourcing and sending swag. From product selection, mockup design, assembly, storage, and global fulfillment, the process is taken care of from start to finish.

We provide:

  • A dedicated rep 
  • 5% off all orders
  • A free sample pack
Vendorterm logo


VendorTerm provides non-dilutive growth capital to startups by purchasing their outstanding invoices. Read more


VendorTerm purchases your invoices and pays you within two days. VendorTerm provides nondilutive growth capital to startups by purchasing their outstanding invoices. VendorTerm purchases startups’ invoices, paying them within two days and then collecting on the original invoice amount at the later date. Startups can use the capital for whatever they want. First Republic clients receive a 7.5% discount on their purchase offer from VendorTerm.


Up to $25,000 of Zendesk Suite & Zendesk Sales CRM Read more


Zendesk is a service-first CRM company with support, sales, and customer engagement products designed to improve customer relationships.

First Republic Bank clients receive:

  • Six months of access to our Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM at no cost
  • Online office hour sessions with our startups customer success team
  • Access to our Startups Community including events, content and resources

Eligibility requirements:

  • First Republic Bank client
  • New Zendesk customer
  • Fewer than 100 employees
  • Startup with funding no greater than Series B

Workshops and Founders Dinners

We host workshops and dinners for founders on a regular basis. If the following interests you, please contact us. We’ll reach out with available dates as soon as we can.

Convertible Debt Workshops

We host workshops for 10 to15 founders to discuss the nuts and bolts and trends in convertible trend deals with our law firm partners.

Founders Dinners

Designed to help founders meet other entrepreneurs in the ecosystem, our Founders Dinners are a great way to share experiences and ideas in a safe space. Often, our dinners are focused on female founders.

Business Development Workshops

We host panel discussions around best practices in partnerships and business development strategies.

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