E-Book: How Nonprofits Can Use Data to Inform Decisions and Drive Performance

By First Republic Bank, ,
January 13, 2017

With increasing calls for visibility, accountability and monitoring and evaluation, nonprofits must improve their use of data both in decision-making and in reporting. Why? Because many don’t take full advantage of the insights their current data-gathering activities provide.

This e-book demonstrates how you can use data to achieve important goals, including how to review/choose metrics, deploy dashboards, learn keys to success and deliver better reporting and organizational storytelling for all departments.

Campaign Managers will be able to show more effectively their fundraising campaign status to board members and donors. CFOs will learn to visualize key balance sheets, endowment performance and audit results for their executive team and board financial committee. And nonprofit employees — especially key decision-makers — can help their organizations make stronger data-driven decisions to optimized overall performance.

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