Online Banking FAQs

Banking Online

General Questions

Security Updates

  • Why are you changing the security standards?
  • What are the new username and password requirements?
  • Can I update my username and password to match the new security standards BEFORE the upgrade?
  • What will I experience when I log in to my online banking account the first day after the security upgrade?
  • If I forget my password, how do I reset it AFTER the upgrade?
  • What information is contained in the automated verification code voice call or SMS text message?
  • Once the verification code is delivered, how long do I have to enter it?
  • What happens if I am traveling internationally and access Banking Online from an unrecognized computer?
  • If I chose to have my first verification code sent via SMS text messaging, can I elect to use email next time I require a code?
  • How will using my phone make my account safer?
  • Are we still going to need our challenge questions?
  • Is there anything I need to do on my end?

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