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October 26, 2022

Springtime family BBQs, starlit mid-summer cocktail parties and cozy fall evenings spent around a fire pit — an outdoor kitchen cost can seem worth it for the mealtime upgrades and entertainment opportunities alone.

However, getting a handle on the cost of your dream outdoor space can be tricky. Outdoor kitchen costs can range widely based on homeowners’ priorities: An outdoor kitchen and upgrades can cost anywhere from $4,500 to over $65,000 based on size, fixtures and appliances. That’s before even considering landscaping and décor.

Coming up with an outdoor kitchen budget and financing plan to fit your goals is possible with some research and some financial forethought. By considering a variety of options, as well as what’s important to you, your outdoor kitchen sanctuary can come to life.

This useful guide can help you tailor your outdoor kitchen project to your design and financial priorities.

First, what’s the scope of your outdoor kitchen project?

Before you start chilling the rosé and hanging twinkle lights, take a step back and consider the full scope and vision of your outdoor kitchen project. Size, location and intended use of your new kitchen will help determine specific features of the space, as well as budget and financing options.

For example, at first glance, an outdoor kitchen project may seem like a minor home improvement project, which can be covered by a personal line of credit. However, personal preferences can add up and affect an outdoor kitchen’s cost and budget, timeline and financing options. If it ends up being a more extensive remodel, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or construction loan may be the better option.

These financing differences are important to keep in mind as you explore outdoor kitchen costs and amenities. Once you have an idea of your ideal budget range, you can begin to explore each aspect of your outdoor kitchen project to get a better sense of your priorities. Features like appliances, finishes and décor all include scalable options, which will ultimately determine your budget, the actual costs of the project and ideal financing options.

As you think through your priorities, we always encourage you to review your budget and financing options with a qualified financial advisor to make sure you are choosing the right solution for your needs.

Common outdoor kitchen costs: appliances

Appliances are at the heart of any indoor kitchen, and the same goes for your outdoor oasis. After all, what’s an outdoor kitchen without a grill?

But even grills have low- to high-end options, from charcoal to propane and natural gas, and can have a price difference of almost $10,000. As you consider common appliances like those listed below, think about their practical use in your dream outdoor kitchen.

Consider each appliance’s scale of options as you determine the aspects of your outdoor kitchen budget:

The low-to-high-end range for these appliances alone is $1,000–$21,000, and additional luxury items like a pizza oven or warming drawers can increase this cost range even more. Considering the cost of appliances alone for an outdoor kitchen shows just how much personal preferences and add-ons can influence the project’s total budget.

Common outdoor kitchen costs: finishes

In addition to the cost of appliances, outdoor kitchen finishes can have a significant impact on the total cost of your project. This is especially due to the use of weatherproof materials on features like countertops, flooring and cabinetry.

Consider the cost ranges for these finishes, paying close attention to the materials used. For example, granite and stainless steel preferences will have a big effect on your total outdoor kitchen cost at anywhere from $75–$400 per square foot. Local climate and seasonal weather conditions may also limit your material options, so it’s crucial to define what features you are willing to spend on and those that might not matter as much.

Again, consider the low-to-high-end scale of options for these common finishes, noting the material — and the amount of material needed — is a big factor in these budget ranges. 

  • Countertops (tile, wood, quartz, soapstone, etc.): $1–$400 per square foot ($30–$12,000 for a 30-square-foot countertop)
  • Flooring (gravel, concrete, brick, bluestone pavers): $1–$25 per square foot ($300–$7,500 for a 300-square-foot kitchen)
  • Cabinetry (aluminum, stainless steel, polymer, etc.): $700–$5,000

Note the  total cost range here from basic to luxury — anywhere from $1,030–$12,900 — proves the impact of personal preference and material upgrades on one’s budget. With a cost range of potentially over $10,000 for finishes alone, it’s important to have a good sense of your design priorities in order to make the best financing decision.

Common outdoor kitchen costs: décor

From new furniture to elaborate landscaping and outdoor heaters, your outdoor kitchen decor can also affect your total cost of an outdoor kitchen.

Again, it’s crucial to realistically consider the purpose and desired use of the space. You may be designing a small event space for family parties and special occasions or a luxurious hideaway for you and your partner. The ways you intend on using the space can seriously impact the decor needed to meet your needs.

Consider the following decor options and their add-ons and how their cost ranges may contribute to your outdoor kitchen vision:

  • Furniture: Costs vary greatly depending on space, but the range for a single piece runs from about $400 for a table to $5,850 for a “worth the splurge” outdoor couch
  • Backyard landscaping (scope, plant choice, walkways, etc.): $8,000–$10,000
  • Heaters (size, material): $150–$1,700

The total low-to-high-end range for these features is $8,550–$17,550, although the total outdoor kitchen square footage can alter this range even more due to the potential need to add furniture and/or landscaping. Still, this is a significant portion of any outdoor kitchen budget to consider before you take on the project.

Summary: A recap of total outdoor kitchen costs

Now that you have had a chance to embrace your creativity and get a better sense of your outdoor kitchen design goals, you can start to calculate the total cost of your project.

For your reference, here’s a quick overview of the ranges of the outdoor kitchen features. At a quick glance, you can see how splurging in one area and saving in another will impact your total project cost.

Outdoor Kitchen Ballpark Cost Recap

Budget category

Total cost range

Outdoor kitchen appliances


Outdoor kitchen finishes


Outdoor kitchen decor


Remember, these are just some of the costs associated with building an outdoor kitchen, and many of them can be impacted by personal preference, square footage and design choices.

Ultimately, outdoor kitchen costs typically can range between $40 and $130 a square foot based on size and features. Be sure to also consider the occasional unexpected cost that can arise as with any home improvement project. Flexible financing options can be the key to your dream outdoor kitchen features and any unplanned expenses.

Again, we encourage you to speak with a qualified financial professional to discuss your budget, priorities and the best financial solutions to fit your individual needs.

Build your outdoor kitchen with a Personal Line of Credit

Now that you have done the hard work of considering all aspects of your dream outdoor kitchen and identifying your preferences, you can begin evaluating financing options.

Explore First Republic’s Personal Line of Credit for all minor home improvement financing needs and more. Borrowers enjoy low fixed interest rates with interest-only payments during the two-year draw period and a choice of flexible payment term options.

This means your dream outdoor space, filled with its unique feature splurges and personal touches, can be a reality without restricting your cash flow or putting a vacation or other fun family adventures on hold. A Personal Line of Credit can also be used to cover many of life’s other expenses, from refinancing student loans to auto loan financing and refinancing and much more.

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