Traditional IRA
First Republic offers a traditional IRA with tax-deferred earnings for clients at any income level, helping you to grow your money today and ensure you have additional income during retirement.


  • Contributions may be tax-deductible depending on income and other factors
  • Tax-deferred earnings until funds withdrawn
  • Not subject to bank trustee fees
  • No income limits
  • FDIC-insured to legal maximum

Product Details

  • Interest compounded daily
  • Annual contribution limit of $6,000 or the amount of your taxable compensation (If age 50 or above, $7,000), whichever is less
  • Contributions to Roth IRAs count toward annual limit
  • Earned income required
  • Tax deductibility reduced or eliminated if covered by employer-sponsored retirement plan; this varies based on income
  • Contributions up to age 70½, when mandatory minimum withdrawals must begin
  • 10% IRS penalty for withdrawals before age 59½
  • Can be converted to Roth IRA regardless of income or tax filing status
  • Beneficiaries may pay income tax on proceeds upon inheritance
  • Set up as Certificate of Deposit, Money Market Savings or Passbook Savings account
  • Must be under age 70½ to contribute
  • Requires earned income by participant or spouse (if filing a joint tax return) equal to or greater than contribution

Featured Services

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  • Personal Banking Services

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