Loans Secured by Marketable Securities

At First Republic, we offer loans secured by marketable securities so you can borrow additional funds without disrupting your overall investment strategy.
  • Flexible lending option that can be used to fund real estate equity, private investments, tax payments or any expense or personal investment other than securities
  • Can be structured as a loan, or a line of credit depending on your needs
  • Generally offers a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan option
  • Allows you to avoid selling your stocks and bonds when you need additional liquidity
  • Standby letters of credit
Product Details
  • Available for marketable securities held in accounts at First Republic Securities Company, or First Republic Trust Company that are managed by First Republic Investment Management
  • Pricing varies with banking relationship, portfolio risk level, loan size, investment management fee structure and custody charges
  • Terms and structure can vary to align with specific borrowing purpose
  • Generally a period of two business days for a margin call
  • All First Republic lending products require a First Republic checking account
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