Bank Online Trusteer Rapport

Strengthen Your Online Security Now
Gain greater online security with the latest online banking protection software provided by First Republic Bank at no cost to you. 

And, earn a $25 bonus* when you download now.

  • Protect confidential information against identity theft and fraud.
  • Defend against threats that anti-virus solutions can't detect or remove.
  • Take comfort in online protection that is easy to use and requires little maintenance.

By clicking Download you will be presented with a popup window from Trusteer that will enable you to download the Rapport software to your computer. This download is currently not available for mobile devices.


Trusteer Rapport is an online banking protection software that delivers increased security while you're using our website to protect confidential information against identity theft and fraud.

  • Free for First Republic clients with no registration or commitment
  • Takes less than a minute to download and is easy to use
  • Updates automatically and requires little to no maintenance.

  • Works alongside your existing anti-virus software and firewall
  • Enhances the security of your browser and verifies that the connection to our website is direct and encrypted
  • Prevents malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your username, password and other sensitive information
  • Stops cyber criminals from tampering with your transactions while banking online
  • Blocks malicious attacks that your anti-virus software cannot detect or fix
  • Warns you if you accidentally visit a fraudulent website that looks like First Republic Bank



Sign into your account after you've downloaded Trusteer Rapport and send us a secure email from the Contact Us tab letting us know which First Republic account you'd like us to credit. Or, call our Online Banking Support team at (855) 886-4819.


First Republic Bank and Trusteer are separate legal entities. Trusteer is solely responsible for customer service support and the performance and maintenance of Trusteer Rapport. Trusteer Rapport must be downloaded on every computer that accesses the internet to fully protect you. Not all browsers are supported. Please check system requirements to verify. 

*Limit one bonus per person/User ID for individuals who download Trusteer Rapport. Bonuses are reportable for tax purposes. You must have a First Republic checking or savings account in order to receive the bonus. Your bonus will be deposited to your account within two weeks of confirmation.