How First Republic Protects You

How First Republic Protects You
At First Republic, we offer a complimentary, personalized approach to cybersecurity as part of our commitment to extraordinary service. Learn about the measures we take to safeguard your personal information and First Republic accounts.

We help safeguard your accounts and devices.

  • Employ state-of-the-art technology to monitor and manage accounts to ensure valid account activity.
  • Use technology that recognizes trusted personal devices and sends alerts when an unrecognized device is detected.
  • Implement layered security features that can be customized to protect your account access.
  • Allow customizable alerts to keep you informed of account activity.
  • Offer Positive Pay to ensure only the right checks are being paid.
  • Provide complimentary financial malware protection software.

We help you stay cyber smart.

  • Keep abreast of the latest cybersecurity threats and scams and share need-to-know information with our clients and colleagues.
  • Maintain the Security and Fraud Prevention Center as your resource for the latest fraud risks and cybersecurity trends.
  • Invite you to webinars on cybersecurity risks and trends, featuring live and on-demand events on First Republic’s Online Events page.

We provide you with personalized, complimentary cybersecurity services.

  • Prioritize your protection.
  • Offer access to our Cyber Advisory Services team for proactive, complimentary cybersecurity services that safeguard your devices and data.
  • Equip your banker or Wealth Manager with the tools and resources to further assist you.

We dedicate local cyber experts to help you.

  • Ensure dedicated cyber experts are available in regions across the United States to answer your cyber-related questions and provide complimentary support.

To take advantage of our complimentary, personalized cybersecurity services, please reach out to your banker or Wealth Manager.