Reporting Fraud or Identity Theft

Reporting Fraud or Identity Theft
Here are the steps to take if you were a victim of identity theft.

Contact the Major Credit Bureaus to Dispute Fraudulent Inquiries and Freeze Your Credit

Once you have confirmed that you were a victim of identity theft, freeze your credit by contacting the three major credit bureaus. Make sure to inquire about the activity on your profile and dispute any fraudulent transactions. You can reach out to the bureaus using the contact information below:

Contact Other Creditors

Contact other creditors, including credit card and phone companies, bank and other lenders, to notify them of fraud or identity theft. Each creditor may have a different process for handling a fraud claim. Make sure you understand exactly what is expected from you, and then ask what you can expect from the creditor. At the conclusion of an investigation, ask the creditor for a document that states you are not responsible for any unauthorized transactions.

Close any accounts that have been breached, and reopen them with new account numbers. Make sure to change the username and password associated with the compromised account and any other accounts that use the same username and password.

File a Report with the Local Police

Fill out a police report that details what happened and get a copy for future reference.

Report the Criminal Activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Call toll-free 877-IDTHEFT, or (877) 438-4338, or visit

Contact Other Agencies as Appropriate

If you suspect someone is using your Social Security number for fraudulent purposes, call the Social Security Fraud Hotline at (800) 269-0271. If you were a victim of unemployment fraud, be sure to reach out to your state’s Department of Labor to dispute the claim.

Contact First Republic

If you notice suspicious activity related to your First Republic accounts, please contact your banking team or our Client Care Center immediately at (888) 408-0288.

First Republic also offers clients Identity Protection Consultation services designed to prevent identity theft as well as guidance on what to do if your identity has already been compromised.

To schedule a consultation, reach out to your banker or Wealth Manager.