Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services
At First Republic Securities Company, LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC) we tailor investment solutions for our clients and provide a broad range of brokerage, trading and custody services.
  • Cash Management

    With fixed income management from First Republic, you get an objective, accessible financial partner who can help you make the decisions that are in your best interest.

  • Concentrated Wealth Strategies

    First Republic Securities Company, LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC) offers hedging transactions, employee stock options and corporate selling plans (rule 10b5-1 plans) that allow you a variety of options to diversify your concentrated equity holdings.

  • Full Service Brokerage

    First Republic Wealth Managers can work with you to put together a customized plan with options designed to meet your investment needs.

  • Online Brokerage Services

    Manage assets with ease via desktop or mobile using our Online Brokerage platform.

Additional Services

  • Endowment Management

    First Republic’s Endowment Committee has significant experience working with nonprofit organizations. We work together with your team to meet the organization’s investment goals while navigating the regulatory environment unique to nonprofit organizations.

  • Financial Planning

    First Republic can conduct a personal financial review to help you evaluate and determine how much you will need to save to achieve your goals.

  • Foreign Exchange

    At First Republic, our experienced team of foreign exchange professionals helps our clients navigate currency markets.


  • Account Features and Protection

    First Republic is committed to providing safe and secure access to your accounts and information.

  • Executive and Employee Stock Options

    Resources and strategies addressing diversification, concentrated positions and liquidity to plan for the future of yourself and your employees.

  • Investment Options

    Our brokerage solutions include a number of tools to track, optimize and grow your investment portfolio.

Special Notice to Non-U.S. Investors: Each of the investment products and services referred to on this website is intended to be made available to U.S. residents. This website shall not be considered a solicitation or offering for any investment product or service to any person in any jurisdiction where such solicitation or offer would be unlawful.