Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is Eagle Invest right for you?
  • Eagle Invest is a digital investment advisor — what exactly does that mean?
  • What can Eagle Invest do for me?
  • How can I set up recurring deposits?
  • What security do you use to protect against online fraud?
  • What if I want to invest for a goal other than retirement?
  • Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Investment Approach

  • How does Eagle Invest manage my money?
  • What does a typical portfolio look like?
  • Why ETFs?
  • What has the typical performance been for investors?
  • Can I choose to add or exclude certain investments? Can I override your investment decisions?
  • Do I need to change my risk tolerance as I get closer to retirement?
  • When do you rebalance?
  • Does Eagle Invest take into account or manage around assets I hold outside of Eagle Invest?

Account Information

  • Where can I find my account statements and tax information?
  • What types of accounts can you manage?
  • How will I get information about my Eagle Invest portfolio?
  • Can I add or withdraw money?


  • How much does Eagle Invest cost?
  • Is there a minimum investment amount?


  • What are the tax consequences of signing up for Eagle Invest?
  • What is tax-loss harvesting and is it done automatically?
  • How does Eagle Invest manage my assets in a tax-conscious manner?
  • Where do I access account statements and tax documents?