Executive and Employee Stock Solutions

Executive and Employee Stock Solutions
Resources and strategies addressing diversification, concentrated positions and liquidity to plan for the future of yourself and your employees.
  • 10b5-1 Selling Plans for Executives

    Top officials at publicly traded companies can minimize insider trading risk with a 10b5-1 plan from J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, which can help establish a set schedule to buy or sell company stock that will help meet long-term diversification and liquidity planning needs.

  • Employee Stock Option Services

    We can provide guidance on aspects of employee stock option transactions—helping you decide whether to exercise your options and, if so, when and how to proceed with the transaction to maximize your benefits, including the option of a fully coordinated cashless stock option exercise program—and the ultimate goal of long-term financial security.

  • Hedging Concentrated Stock Positions

    Hedging strategies can be used in situations where you have concentrated stock positions and need to diversify your holdings, to help guard against the potential for loss of value or generate liquidity.