Fixed Income Management

Fixed Income Management
With fixed income management from First Republic, you get an objective, accessible financial partner who can help you make the decisions that are in your best interest.


  • Access to a disciplined investment process that involves average maturity and distribution assessment, sector allocation, security selection and ongoing risk monitoring
  • Access to multiple fixed income sectors, including Treasuries, agencies, municipals, corporates, asset-backed, mortgage and money market securities.
  • Customized reporting and online access
  • Competitive pricing


  • Customizable taxable and tax-exempt portfolios to meet total return and cash flow objectives
  • Ongoing yield curve analysis and reassessment of investment criteria
  • Duration and risk management

Insights & Education

  • 745x390_Alternative_Within_Alternatives

    The Alternative Within Alternatives: Blending Growth with Liquidity

    Bart Zitnitsky, Wealth Manager
    First Republic Investment Management 

    For a wealth manager who is charged with the task of protecting and growing your money, honing in on your goals and objectives is the first step in determining the investment strategy that leads to the all-important asset allocation decision.

  • What to Consider When Choosing an Investment Management Approach

    Chris Merrifield, Wealth Advisor
    First Republic Investment Management 

    Investment management comes in a variety of options. Finding the right service to meet your needs begins with outlining your financial goals and objectives and having a good understanding of your priorities.