Investment Options

Investment Options
Our brokerage solutions include a number of tools to track, optimize and grow your investment portfolio.
  • 529 Plans

    529 plans offer a tax-advantaged way to save for higher education as long as the assets are used for qualified expenses. We can help you find the best plan to meet your needs.

  • Agency Discount Notes

    Agency discount notes are available through J.P. Morgan Securities LLC as a short-term investment option issued by federal agencies, offering government guarantees or sponsorship and often a higher return than Treasuries of comparable maturity.

  • Brokerage CDs

    We offer Brokerage CDs that allow you to invest amounts up to $50 million — with the funds placed in CDs issued by other members of a bank network in increments under $250,000, making the full amount eligible for FDIC insurance while offering the ease of one interest rate per maturity and one regular statement.

  • Commercial Paper

    If the potential for a higher cash payout over the short term is your objective, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC can assist you with the purchase of commercial paper, which is usually offered at a substantial discount because it is not backed by any form of collateral and is therefore riskier than secured debt.

  • Corporate Bonds

    If you are seeking a higher return than government-backed securities, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC can assist you with corporate bonds, which are offered at a wide range of ratings and yields, often paying higher rates than treasury, agency or municipal bonds but also posing greater risk.

  • Equities

    J.P. Morgan Securities LLC offers assistance with stocks, analysis and research to help meet your investment needs.

  • FDIC-Insured Sweep Accounts

    With FDIC-insured sweep accounts offered through Eagle Bank Sweep, any excess cash is automatically transferred to an interest-bearing account to maximize return on investment and automatically transferred back when needed to pay for investment purchases.

  • Investment Consulting Services

    Our Investment Consultants can help meet your financial needs by offering access to numerous investment options, offering personalized guidance, assisting with the development of customized investment strategies and providing dedicated customer service.

  • Margin Loans

    Margin loans* can offer an easy way to leverage the assets you already have, with extension of credit based on eligible securities you pledge as collateral to provide funding for your short-term borrowing or investment financing needs. 

    *Subject to approval.

  • Municipal Notes/Bonds

    If you’re looking for an investment option that can generate interest income typically exempt from federal taxes and sometimes exempt from state and local taxes, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC can advise you on the purchase of municipal notes or bonds.

  • Mutual Funds

    A wide range of mutual funds from a number of different mutual fund families are offered by J.P. Morgan Securities LLC to help meet your investment needs. We do not have an obligation to invest in specific products. Clients come first, not products.

  • Treasury Bills/Bonds

    If low-risk investments are your goal, we can assist you with the purchase of either short-term treasury bills or longer-term treasury bonds, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

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