Trust Account Protection

Trust Account Protection
  • We administer fiduciary and custody accounts (trusts/estates/agency) for clients. Our primary responsibility is to keep assets protected.

  • In accordance with applicable federal and state laws to which J.P. Morgan strictly adheres, these fiduciary and custody accounts are segregated from the assets of JPMorgan Chase Bank. 

  • Property held in these types of accounts belongs to the owner/fiduciary of the accounts and is protected from a bank failure. It is not subject to claims of a bank’s creditors. 

  • Cash and cash equivalent assets of fiduciary accounts are prudently held at financial institutions as determined on an account-by-account basis by J.P. Morgan and any co-fiduciaries.   

    For more information, please contact your Trust Officer. 

    You can also visit the FDIC’s Insured Deposits website for additional information. For general deposit insurance questions, please visit the FDIC’s website or call (877) ASK-FDIC (877-275-3342).