Our Continued Commitment to Supporting Equality

First Republic is committed to advancing racial equality and positively impacting the world we share.

We continually reflect on what we can do to further foster an inclusive environment and diverse workforce by listening to our colleagues, clients and communities.

Our Continued Commitment to Supporting Equality

Since our founding in 1985, we have been committed to:
  • Fair and responsible lending to historically disadvantaged communities
  • Community reinvestment and engagement partnerships in support of low-income and historically disadvantaged communities through financial education, scholarships, resources, internship programs and mentorship
  • An inclusive culture and workplace that celebrates diversity and many points-of-view

Over the last five years, we have:
  • Enhanced lending to historically disadvantaged and low-income neighborhoods through dedicated community lending programs
  • Established a Community Advisory Board
  • Implemented an Inclusive and Diversity Marketing Program
  • Developed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council
  • Published our Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • Introduced two days of paid volunteer hours for our colleagues
  • Facilitated training on unconscious bias

Today, we are:
  • Actively listening to our colleagues about ways we can best affect change to end systemic racism and advocate for racial equality
  • Providing additional financial support for nonprofit organizations creating equal opportunity
  • Matching our colleagues’ contributions 3x1 for nonprofit organizations focused on creating opportunity and justice for all
  • Expanding our “Teachable Moments” Learning Series to address topics such as cultural appropriation, xenophobia, microaggressions and Black Lives Matter

At First Republic, we’re committed to the continued support and well-being of our communities, clients and colleagues through initiatives that expand opportunity and improve the world we share.

Visit our 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.