Personal Line Of Credit

Personal line of credit

Designed with your financial goals in mind.

2.25–3.50 % APR[1]

SCPMG has collaborated with First Republic Bank to offer you an exclusive welcome bonus[2] when you refinance your student loans or other loans through a Personal Line of Credit.[3].

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Discover the benefits of refinancing with First Republic.

  • Industry-low fixed rates

    Get instant peace of mind and an opportunity to save more in the long term with our low fixed-rate options.

  • Refinance existing debt

    Combine your existing debt into one convenient monthly payment.

  • Welcome Bonus

    As a welcome to First Republic, new clients will receive a $400 welcome bonus when they refinance their student loans or other loans through a Personal Line of Credit.[2]

  • Revolving access to credit

    Get convenient access to funds for large purchases. Plus, the amount you repay will be available to draw on again during the first two years.

  • No loan fees

    You won’t be charged origination, maintenance or prepayment fees — ever.

  • Your own personal banker

    Take advantage of tailored services from your dedicated banker, who will walk you through the process from start to finish.

Questions? Contact us at or call (310) 407-1333.

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