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Emergency Preparedness

At First Republic Investment Management, we strongly believe in being well prepared.

We are committed to delivering extraordinary service and have measures in place to ensure that we can effectively service our clients in the event of the unexpected. Should a significant business disruption such as a power failure, utility outage, natural disaster, or terrorist attack occur, our firm makes every effort to be ready to serve you.

We have adopted and implemented written policies and procedures to address significant business disruptions that we review on a regular basis. All employees receive training on our plans and we test our plans annually to ensure that they are viable, effective, and address immediate client needs. These strategies include procedures for contacting clients, accessing "mission-critical systems", backing up and recovering electronic and paper records, and establishing alternate locations for conducting our business.

In the event of a significant business disruption, our firm will follow the procedures we have created to continue to run our business and serve our clients. Your portfolio manager or client service team will make every effort to contact you. Our communication will include direction on how to best reach us, how to address urgent requests, and indicate if one of our emergency teams in an alternate location will serve you. Emergency teams in New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Santa Barbara are available to back up their colleagues should they need to. We have prepared emergency teams, alternate worksites, data recovery plans, alternate access to key systems, and various methods of client communication.

If you need assistance in the event of an emergency in the area of your local office, you may contact the back up office listed below if no local communication is available:

Portland back up office: New York (800) 775-0604

San Francisco back up office: New York (800) 775-0604

New York back up office: San Francisco (800) 257-4414

Santa Barbara back up office: San Francisco (800) 257-4414

Hawaii back up office: San Francisco (800) 257-4414

Contingency plans can not eliminate all risk of service interruption, but we review, assess, and update ours on a regular basis to address all reasonable risk.

If you are unable to reach your regional office in the event of an emergency, please contact one of our other offices. Client service teams in all operating offices will be prepared to assist you.

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