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Fast, easy and efficient. That’s been our experience with First Republic from the very beginning.

David and Adele Fischbach | Oceanside, California Clients of First Republic Bank Since '14

Growing up in Nebraska, Dr. David Fischbach was about as far from the beach as you can get. Today, he and his wife Adele, a retired intensive care unit nurse, develop, build and rent exquisite vacation homes in San Diego — all located just steps from the ocean. For this couple, success begins and ends with creating exceptional get-away experiences and anticipating client needs down to the smallest details. The Fischbachs were pleased to find that First Republic shared this same approach to service. In a business that is often unpredictable, this unwavering commitment to client care is now a foundation the Fischbachs rely on as they continue to build their dream homes.

Pictured Above
David Fischbach, M.D., CEO, Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals
Adele Fischbach, CFO, Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals