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      Cybersecurity Trends for 2022 and the Geopolitical Environment

      Join us for a timely discussion on the geopolitical environment that’s framing cyber activity and how strategic efforts by nation-states create cyber targets. The discussion will also cover how these geopolitical risks affect assets, individuals and companies.

      Monday, June 6, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

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    • Elegies: Still Lifes in Contemporary Art

      Elegies: Still Lifes in Contemporary Art

      The Museum of the African Diaspora presents Elegies: Still Lifes in Contemporary Art, curated by Monique Long and features artwork by a group of artists who have disrupted the traditional presentation of still lifes. The combined 16 artists have appropriated the genre in order to create works within a framework of Black diasporic identities, histories and collective experiences. Experience the thematic exhibition, in honor of Juneteenth, while MoAD staff members discuss the two parallel narratives: One is an art historical examination of still lifes, and the other is how that history is connected to Black figuration.

      Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

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      Corporate Online Workshop: Safe, Secure and Easy to Use

      Join us for an interactive workshop on how our mobile banking services can help you securely access your corporate accounts from your smartphone or tablet — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn how to securely manage your accounts, move money, set up account security alerts and deposit checks using our mobile-specific features. This workshop features First Republic experts Sean Parviz, Digital Specialist, and Brett Sales, Client Cybersecurity Specialist.

      Thursday, June 9, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET

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      There’s No Place Like Home: Well Home Design for Living Longer, Healthier, Happier at Home

      Join First Republic and corporate gerontologist, Sherri Snelling, on exploring how our home environments can promote better health and happiness. As a well home design expert, Sherri gives us a room-by-room tour of how to adapt our homes to use universal design and environmental principles such as biophilia, chromotherapy, air, sound and lighting quality as well as smart home technology to live longer and healthier in our homes. She gives us insights on how design affects mental and physical health, how to create a lifetime home maintenance plan, as well as tips on decluttering and dementia-friendly design. Whether you are thinking of your own home upgrades or how to support older parents and grandparents living at home, this is our homage to HGTV and creating your forever home.

      Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. ET

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      Global Perspective: The Road Ahead – Rates, Recession and De-globalization

      With so much happening on the global stage and the impact on the markets, we invite you to join us for a special conversation in which we’ll share insights on: -The long-term impact of rate increases -Rising recession concerns -Higher inflation and the effects on the global economy -De-globalization: Is it here?

      Thursday, June 30, 2022, 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. ET

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    • Savvy Women Money Freedom

      $avvy explores why it’s critical for women to understand and take control of their personal finances. Investigating the historical, cultural and societal norms around women and money, $avvy questions why women often let their finances take a back seat to other issues and examines why it’s so important for women to direct their financial futures, now more than ever.

    • Men, Women and Children

      The way we speak to and around our children directly affects the way they feel about themselves and how they interact with others. Join Lauren Vien, Education Director of Rose & Rex and author of The Guide to Positive Language Strategies, for a parenting workshop that explores positive language. Lauren will offer positive language alternatives for common phrases like “Don’t do this” and “You can’t do that” and discuss the impact these simple language shifts have on children, parents and caregivers. Spoiler alert: Positive language means less hovering for us adults and more problem-solving for our children.

    • If ever there was a time to be resilient and financially fluent, this is the moment. In an ever-changing world, keeping kids grounded — and prepared for uncertainty — has never been a more crucial and challenging task for families. This session will address both: How and why to start the process of financial development in kids and how to connect that to nurturing resilience in a time of extreme change.


    • In this webinar, acclaimed novelist and memoirist David Goodwillie explains — and simplifies — the often daunting process of writing and selling a memoir. What are the rules of the genre? How “true” do memoirs have to be? How do you go about writing honestly about the people in your life? And what’s the best way to get started? We’ll talk about craft: balancing the vagaries of real life with the necessity of a narrative structure, the tricks of dialogue and exposition, and the ever-important role of revision.

    • What is “roots music”? You’ve probably been dancing, singing and tapping your toes to it your entire life. Sam Reider has explored American roots music deeply, and he’s followed all of its enticing tributaries to their sources: jazz, folk, blues, world music and more. To bring you closer to the music, Reider will talk a bit and dazzle you with his astonishing virtuosity and soulful performance.

    • Watch a Fireside Chat with author Alana Karen. A 19-year Google employee and the author of Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay, Alana has her own stories to share as well as those of more than 80 women she interviewed for her book.

    • Watch acclaimed novelist and memoirist David Goodwillie as he explains (and simplifies) the often daunting process of writing and selling a book. How does the publishing industry actually work? Who are the publishers, and what are the different genres? What about e-books, audiobooks and self-publishing? He’ll discuss the process of writing itself: What, exactly, do you want to write — a novel, a memoir or a collection of essays — and how can you get started?

    • Your Fully Charged Life is Meaghan B. Murphy’s master guide to bringing your best self to every moment, even when the pressures of daily life leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and wallowing in negative thoughts (and a pint of your favorite gelato). Spanning health, work, family time and more, Your Fully Charged Life reveals small changes in outlook and habits that yield big results, without ever sacrificing who you are.

    • Watch acclaimed guitarist and educator Terrence Brewer as he explains and plays the history of jazz guitar. From innovators like Charlie Christian to legends like Les Paul to groundbreakers like Pat Metheny, the guitar has played a central role in rhythm sections, for soloists and for headliners in the ever-evolving world of jazz music.


    • Check out this virtual visit to Slide Ranch’s 134-acre farm and coastal land. In the spring, Slide Ranch is buzzing with new life — baby goats in the barn and seedlings in the garden. Guided by the Slide Ranch team, you’ll visit with the goats and sheep, run with them in the pasture and wander through the beautiful organic garden overlooking the coast. While mingling with the animals and meandering among the garden beds, you’ll learn about the ecosystems of Slide Ranch, animal husbandry and organic gardening practices. This will be a fun field trip for all ages.

    • Learn more about the art of Japanese origami and gift wrapping with award-winning paper artist Linda Mihara. This holiday season, become a professional gift wrapper and learn the secrets of creating festive origami ornaments the entire family can enjoy.

    • This interactive discussion with O’Connor Professional Group covers the following topics: Parenting trends — the benefits and challenges of raising productive young adults. Pressures on young adults: stress, social media and substances. Entitlement: what it means and how to prevent it. Tips for setting reasonable expectations and promoting resiliency

    • Watch our virtual event to share the findings of a new research report from EXPLO Elevate examining the lived experiences of over 25 diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practitioners at independent schools. Learn what schools can do to support their DEI practitioners and hear about key factors that may promote or impede this crucial work.

    • Learn how to create beautiful floral arrangements that will transform the ambiance of your home. Experienced florist Orna Maymon will demonstrate how to pick and arrange complementary flowers and make them the center of attention for any season.

    • Watch “Original Internet Godfather” Brett Johnson, a former U.S. most wanted cybercriminal, for an entertaining and educational talk covering the latest techniques criminals are using and how to protect yourself.


    • Check out a 2022 market outlook discussion with Christopher J. Wolfe, Chief Investment Officer of First Republic Private Wealth Management, and Mike Selfridge, Chief Banking Officer of First Republic Bank. They will address the economy, U.S. policy, financial markets and investment opportunities.

    • Watch this collaborative discussion from our panel of senior First Republic Private Wealth Management leaders on ensuring your estate plan is aligned with your vision.

    • You’re running 1,000 miles a minute getting your company launched. With so many details to manage, it’s no wonder many founders forget about taxes. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the most common tax mistakes startups make and how to avoid them.

    • Watch this 2022 market outlook discussion with Christopher J. Wolfe, Chief Investment Officer of First Republic Private Wealth Management, and Mike Selfridge, Chief Banking Officer of First Republic Bank. They will address the economy, U.S. policy, financial markets and investment opportunities as we enter the new year.

    • Professor Hal Hershfield of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management discusses some of the common financial mistakes we all make as well as evidence-based solutions for them.

    • Watch a virtual mid-year market update and discussion focused on the risks and opportunities ahead, featuring Christopher J. Wolfe, Chief Investment Officer at First Republic Private Wealth Management, and Mike Selfridge, Chief Banking Officer at First Republic Bank.


    • Steve Schwartz is a master tea blender and the Founder of Art of Tea, a handcrafted tea purveyor based in Los Angeles. Steve has traveled around the world cultivating relationships with farmers and became enamored with the homeopathic effect plants can have on the body and mind. His drive and passion for expanding people’s knowledge of tea is captivating. By combining herbs and botanicals to create unique wellness and flavor profiles, Steve and his team have been able to build a brand that’s garnered national acclaim and awards. In this workshop, Steve will take you through a brief history of tea, what differentiates tea types when all tea comes from the same plant, why steep time and temperature matter when making the perfect cup of tea and more. You will come out of this class one step closer to becoming a tea master.

    • First Republic and Wine Spectator New York celebrate Women’s History Month with an inspiring panel of California women in wine. They discuss their unique perspectives as first- and second-generation winemakers along with their experiences navigating an industry in which only 14% of California’s 4,200 bonded wineries have a woman as their lead winemaker.

    • Check out The Urban Grape’s own TJ Douglas for this very special webinar in celebration of Black History Month, presented by First Republic Bank.

    • Pastry Chef Nicholas Bonamico of Bouchon Bakery demonstrates how to make gingerbread macarons with cream cheese filling. Chef Bonamico will also share holiday baking tips and favorite recipes from Chef Thomas Keller’s famed bakery in Yountville, California. In addition, Chef Keller will join Chef Bonamico to wish you a warm holiday season.

    • Riedel, the family-owned company that has been producing the world’s finest glassware for 265 years! Discover how Riedel glassmakers have utilized shape and design to innovate glassware over 11 generations. As an additional component, the team will be offering an in-depth sensory workshop. Riedel will demonstrate the relationship between glass shape and how it can affect your experience with wine. Guests are welcome to either watch or actively participate at home.

    • In this spirited event master mixologist Blake Tucker creates festive cocktails you can make at home this holiday season. Learn the history of and recipes for three signature cocktails that are sure to impress your guests at your next celebration. To follow along during the event, here are the recipes and instructions for the three cocktails Blake will be demonstrating. 


    • You need your employees to step up and stretch beyond what they’re doing today. How do you motivate them to do that without resorting to fear and intimidation? Rick Snyder, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Refound, will teach you the three core skills you need to get it right

    • Listen to insights from an expert panel as they discuss the outlook as an LP in a post-COVID world, their perspective on leveling the playing field for racial and gender equality, and ways LPs and investors can help dismantle systemic inequity.

    • Listen to this past webinar to hear advice on navigating the fundraising process from our expert panelists.