First Republic Bank wants all of our website visitors to find our online services useful and convenient and to have a positive experience. With this in mind, we have undertaken a significant effort to ensure that the website is usable and accessible to all visitors, including visitors who use assistive technology.

What Have We Been Doing?

To ensure the site is accessible, we are designing it to align with ADA standards. We have enlisted the Center for Accessible Technology to help us review our site and give us feedback on how to make it accessible. We have also made significant enhancements to the site based on recommendations given by our consultants and clients. We are working to collect as much fair and unbiased feedback as possible and keep abreast of the best practices in accessible web design.

How Are We Doing?

We recognize that accessibility is a continuum, and that different users may have different needs. We are continuing to make enhancements and improvements to our site, and hope that visitors who encounter problems will let us know about them. We monitor the website regularly to ensure our adherence to accessibility standards.

If you encounter any kind of accessibility barrier on the site, or have ideas for ways we can make the experience more positive, please let us know. We are committed to providing the best experience possible and welcome feedback. You can contact us here.

Updated: 03/1/2016