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Security and Fraud Prevention Center

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Please be aware of suspicious emails that appear to be from First Republic or other major financial institutions and that include a link to download Trusteer Rapport. These fraudulent emails include links to download malware that could compromise your devices.

Please download Trusteer Rapport only from secure, verified locations, including our website or from Trusteer Rapport.

Protecting your Privacy

As trusted custodian of our clients' financial interests, we are committed to protecting our clients' entrusted information, as well as their assets and their personal privacy. First Republic complies with all information security and privacy laws focused on financial controls over client information and identity protection. The Bank also actively and continuously works to protect our clients' information.

  • We disclose client information ONLY as outlined in our Privacy Policy (PDF) – in ways necessary to provide loans or comply with laws.
  • We never sell client information.
  • We have implemented significant physical and electronic security features to prevent unauthorized access to client information.
  • We limit employee access to customer information.
  • We conduct regular reviews of our computer systems and all security features.
  • We conduct regular vendor security due diligence to ensure that our vendors protect customer information in accordance with our security policies and standards.
  • Employees are trained regularly in security awareness to optimize customer information protection and privacy.