Business Continuity Plan

First Republic Securities Co., LLC understands how important peace of mind is. First Republic's business continuity plan ensures that our services and products will be restored to normal service levels as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to you and your business. In the event of a natural disaster or national emergency which affects First Republic's main offices in San Francisco, CA, the following plan will ensure that you can access your account information quickly.

Contacting Us

  • If you cannot contact your Portfolio Manager as you normally do and our main telephone lines (415) 296-5888 or (877) 348-5576 were to become unavailable due to any emergency, all calls would be re-routed to our back-up office in New York City.
  • For your convenience you will also be able to visit our website at where we will post updated information advising you of the status of our operations. In the event that all of FRSC phone lines are unavailable and you cannot reach our personnel, our website will give you instructions on how you may access the funds and securities in your First Republic Securities Company account and enter transactions directly with our clearing firm Pershing, LLC.
  • First Republic Securities Company, LLC and Pershing, LLC has back-ups of all client files and records. These are kept in a separate geographic area for safe keeping.


We are confident that, by continuing to develop our plans and proactively managing our response, we will be well-positioned to maintain our critical operations in support of our customers. While FRSC will do our best to keep our service running smoothly, no contingency plan can eliminate all risks of service interruption.