Apple Pay FAQs

  • What is Apple Pay?
    Apple Pay is a “mobile wallet” service launched by Apple in October 2014. With Apple Pay, you can make a credit or debit card purchase using certain Apple devices rather than your physical plastic card.
  • Which Apple products support Apple Pay?
    • iPhone models 6 and 6+ (in-store or online with qualified apps)
    • Apple Watch for in-store purchases (Watch must be paired with iPhone models 6, 6+, 5, 5c, or 5s)
    • iPad models Air 2 and Mini 3 (online only, with qualified apps)
    A list of currently supported devices is available on Apple’s site:
  • Does Apple Pay work for in-store purchases, or online purchases?
    Both. It works in-store if it is used with merchants that support the underlying technology, and online if using a downloaded merchant app enhanced to work with Apple Pay.
  • How does it work?
    At a participating merchant store, you can hold the iPhone near the Point Of Sale (POS) device and authorize the payment using the device’s TouchID fingerprint security. Card account information will be transmitted to the POS device using a radio technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) built into the phone.

    Online purchases may be made using downloaded merchant apps that have been enhanced to support Apple Pay.

    Payment at checkout is authorized using the device’s TouchID security. Apple Pay does not support online shopping using a web browser.
  • Is it secure, and how does Apple protect my card account information?
    You authorize the payment using iPhone’s “TouchID” fingerprint scan. Also, Apple uses the bank card industry “tokenization” technology to transmit a unique digital token, rather than your account details, to authorize the transaction. Since your account details are not used, they cannot easily be stolen.
  • What will cardholders need in order to use Apple Pay?
    You will need an Apple device that supports Apple Pay (see above), running iOS 8.1 or later (iOS 8.2 for phones paired with an Apple Watch), and an iCloud account. Then, you will need to import the supported credit/debit cards from participating banks that you wish to use into the phone (see below). Finally, to pay with the Apple Pay feature, you will need to shop at a merchant (or using a merchant app) that supports the Apple Pay technology.
  • Will all merchants accept payment with Apple Pay?
    No, but there are over a million that do accept Apple Pay today and more being added all the time.

    Use this link to Apple’s site to check for a specific merchant:
  • How does the iPhone know which credit/debit card accounts I want to use?
    First, you'll need to set up one or more supported card accounts into the Apple device. If you have a supported card account registered on iTunes, enabling it for use with Apple Pay is fairly simple. Or, you can set up a new card by snapping a photo of the front of a card with the device’s camera, or key-entering the card information into the device.

    Once your cards have been set up, you may select a card as your default card for purchases, or select the card to use at the time of purchase.
  • Will First Republic Bank’s debit cards work with Apple Pay?
    Yes, provided the card is a Consumer card. Business debit cards are not supported at this time.
  • Can I put multiple Cards on my Apple Device?
    Yes. At this time, Apple allows up to 8 Cards on a device.
  • Can I put my Card on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can add your Card on up to 10 devices. Please note that your Card must be added to each device separately.
  • How can I add my First Republic Bank card to Apple Pay?
    To add a First Republic Bank Card on a supported iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings,” open “Wallet & Apple Pay,” and select “Add Credit or Debit Card.”

    When adding your Card, you can choose to add the Card you already have on file with iTunes or add new Cards by manually entering your Card information or taking a picture of your Card. You will always need to accept the Bank’s Terms of Use for Apple Pay each time you add a Card to Apple Pay. You are also subject to Apple’s own terms & conditions.
  • How will Apple Pay transactions appear on my First Republic Bank Statement?
    All transactions completed with Apple Pay will look like normal debit card transactions on a client’s statement.
  • Why is the transaction amount displayed in the Passbook (the Apple Wallet on the Apple device where clients can access all the credit/debit cards with Apple Pay) different from what’s in my Online Banking or Mobile Banking account detail?
    If you make an Apple Pay purchase with your Debit Card, the merchant may request authorization for an initial amount and send us the actual transaction amount later for payment. The initial authorized amount appears in your Passbook, but the actual transaction amount is deducted from your account.

    This happens frequently in places where:
    • You can add a tip (restaurants, salons)
    • There can be a significant difference between the amount that's authorized initially and the actual transaction amount (hotels, car rental agencies)
  • Whom can I contact if I need assistance with Apple Pay?
    For questions about Apple Pay, please contact your banker or the Customer Care Center at (888) 408-0288.