Apple Pay FAQ

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Contactless Payments

Apple Pay FAQ

  • How can I add my First Republic Bank card to Apple Pay?
  • What is Apple Pay?
  • Which Apple products support Apple Pay?
  • Does Apple Pay work for in-store purchases, or online purchases?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it secure, and how does Apple protect my card account information?
  • What will cardholders need in order to use Apple Pay?
  • Will all merchants accept payment with Apple Pay?
  • How does the iPhone know which credit/debit card accounts I want to use?
  • Will First Republic Bank’s debit cards work with Apple Pay?
  • Can I put multiple cards on my Apple Device?
  • Can I put my card on multiple devices?
  • How will Apple Pay transactions appear on my First Republic Bank statement?
  • Why is the transaction amount displayed in the Passbook (the Apple Wallet on the Apple device where clients can access all the credit/debit cards with Apple Pay) different from what’s in my Online Banking or Mobile Banking account detail?
  • Whom can I contact if I need assistance with Apple Pay?

Visit the Manage Cards section of the app and tap “Add Card” to get started.

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