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Personal Banking 

At First Republic, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of client service as standard. For all the classic banking services we offer, your personal banker will work with you to determine the best solution to fit your needs. Here is an overview of First Republic Personal Banking services.

Featured Services

  • For simple monthly payments of First Republic loans

  • The ideal solution when you want to purchase a big ticket item but you don’t want to carry large amounts of cash.

  • Choose from liquid or traditional Certificates of Deposit to secure your funds with higher interest.

  • Chip cards are a major advancement in card security technology. These cards feature an embedded chip that improves security when you make purchases at a chip-activated terminal.

  • When you’ve received a check or other financial instrument that is not paid through the normal domestic banking system, First Republic can help you navigate through the process to help you recover your funds.

  • For immediate access to funds from regular incoming payments.

  • For quick, safe and reliable transfer of funds between banks.

  • So you can send money to your accounts at other financial institutions.

  • A simple way to transfer money between accounts, initiate wire transfers and perform other transactions remotely.

  • For those who need to send funds to relatives or businesses in other countries on a regular basis, international drafts from First Republic can help you manage transactions involving two different currencies.

  • An overdraft line of credit from First Republic can help you avoid the fees associated with a check returned due to insufficient funds.

  • With First Republic’s Overdraft Protection linking your checking account to another checking or savings account, you can guard against the possibility of bounced checks—and the hassle associated with them.

  • First Republic can help you understand the refinancing process and evaluate options that best meet your needs.